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na) What event did Keewan prepare today to win Dahe's heart?

Woman: He's not here. Oh, it’s so hot! It's annoying to wait in the sun for him to show up.
How irritating!
Man: I'm terribly sorry. I was stuck in traffic.
Woman: I’m very upset
Man: Please forgive me. I prepared something
special for you.

Woman: We’re going to take the bus? Really?
Man: Yes, but we’ll be taking a double-decker bus with an open upper deck. It will be very exciting!
Woman: You mean the double-decker bus has no roof, hmm?

Man: Today, we’re going to follow the Taejongdae course.
(talking to himself) She looks even more beautiful today. I'm going to tell her I love her..

Woman: What are you thinking?
Man: Mmm... nothing.

# Busan Domestic Ferry Terminal
na) This is a passenger terminal located at Busan Port, including Busan International Passenger Terminal and Busan Domestic Ferry Terminal.

Man; That is Sumir Park, which offers a passenger terminal and a place for relaxation.

Man: There’s an even better view from the observatory. Let's go!
Man: Over there is Yeongdo, and it’s where we are going today.
Woman: Wow.... the district has truly lovely scenery.

Man: We wait here for the next bus.
Woman: I see.

# 75 Square
na) 75 square is located on the south coast of Jeollyeongro, and is so named because it was built in 1975.

Man; We can take in the sea strolling along the promenade.
Woman: It’s very pretty.

Woman: I’ll take some pictures. (with a snap)
# Taejongdae
na) A spacious plateau located at the southern end of Yeongdo Island,
boasting magnificent views including a unique cliff formation, a dense pine forest and the open sea.
In 2005, Taejongdae was designated Korea’s cultural treasure No. 17.

Man: Here isTaejongdae.
Woman: Here we are!

Man: This is the Danubi Train, a new Taejongdae attraction. It makes the trip more enjoyable.
Woman: Sounds great! My legs are starting to hurt.

Woman: Look at that, a squirrel!
Man: Wow, ha ha!
Woman: (talking to herself) He seems very genuine.

Woman: This a beautiful walking track, along the natural trail.
Man: Yes.

Woman: They are so cute! Hello there, haha!
Man: Ha ha!

Man: Look at that! It’s wonderful?
Woman: Yes, it sure is.

Ha ha!

Woman: It's a beautiful day, isn't it?

Man: This is Jujeonja Island, with the original name 'Jujeonjaseom' referring to its kettle shape.
Woman: Oh, I see.

Woman: There’s a mermaid statue. Wow!
Man: Great!

Man: This is Jagalmadang, a very famous spot in Taejongdae,
let's go inside.
Woman: Okay.
Restaurant owner: Our grilled shellfish is a delicacy.
Man: Then grilled shellfish for two, and a bottle of Soju, please.
Woman: Wow! It’s a large meal.
Man: Yeah, it's quite a generous portion!

Restaurant owner: Enjoy your meal!
Woman: Thanks you.
Man: Let’s make a toast.
Woman: Here's to you!

Woman: Ah, that hits the spot.
Man: It’s great!

Man: Come this way!
Woman: Okay.

# Namhang Grand Bridge
na) This is a marine bridge connecting Amnam-dong, Seo-gu to Yeongseon-dong and Yeongdo-gu.
Man/Woman: The wind is so refreshing!

# Songdo Beach
na) Songdo Beach is located in Amnam-dong, Seo-gu, and opened to the public in 1913.
Man: Smile. One, two, three....
Man;Songdo Beach began to be used100 years ago
Woman: Really? It has a long history.
Man/Woman: The waves are so high!/ Ahh!/ Be careful!/ No, come this way. Ha haha!

Woman: It's so relaxing!
Man: I'm happy to be with you!
Woman: Hee-hee!

# Jagalchi Market
na) This is the largest seafood market in Korea and one of Busan’s feature tourist attractions.
It is located next to Nampo Port, and the name derives from the original market
that rose on a gravel bed in the wake of the Korean War.

Man: You know, the most famous seafood in Busan is in Jagalchi.
Woman: I’d really like to visit.
Man: Let's go inside.
Woman: Indeed!

Man: Look at those!
Woman: They are all alive. Amazing!!
Man: Feel how smooth this is.
Woman: Eww, it’s so strange.
Man: Touch this one....
Woman: Oh, you gave me a start.... aah!
# BIFF Square
na) This is a composite cultural space with movies,
shopping and entertainment all together.

Woman; Look! The hand prints of world movie stars. Wow, it's amazing!

Man: This is hoddeok, a Korean pan cake that the Korean entertainer,
Lee SeungGi enjoyed on a popular TV show.

Woman: It tastes good!

Woman: It feels like this street is so lively and exciting. # Busan Station
Man: Could we meet again?
Woman: Yes, sure. Hee-hee!