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Father: Exciting cooking time. I am the coolest daddy in the world!
Daughter: (Pororo song) Call Pororo, Pororongpororong~ Good night! Pororo!

Father: Here is yummy food your daddy made.
Daughter: No! I don't want to eat that. I will play with Pororo!
Father: Honey! Daddy cooked! Let's play with daddy! Which one do you prefer? Daddy? or mommy?
Daughter: Hmm, Daddy!
Father: Ha-ha. Then, Pororo or daddy?
Daughter: Of course, Pororo!
Father: Pororo has stolen my daughter! There is a way to get back my daughter! Let's bring her to Aquarium. Pororo, now you are done!

Father: Let's go to a exciting place. I will show you something new.
Daughter: No!! I will play with Pororo. Then, bring Pororo with you. Daddy will buy delicious food, too.

Father: There are lots of weird fishes in the place.
Daughter: But, I like Pororo.
Father: Look! The fish looks like daddy. That resembles you my princess.
Daughter: That's not funny at all. I prefer Pororo.
Father: I am losing by Pororo!

Father: Let's see one more thing, Honey.
Daughter: (interestingly) It looks silly. The eyes are too close to each other. How ugly! t is the friend of Pororo. I like penguins. Hi! Father penguin! I am the princess!

Father: Look! Honey! Magic in the water!
(MC: Fishes are surrounding the diver's body. Can the diver be safe?)
Daughter: Daddy! That's cool.

(Female MC: Here is the person who sent a message. The diver has prepared some gift for him. Do you want to see it?/Yes! It's a big straw. Applause!)
Daughter: Wow! How did they get that giant straw?

(Male MC: Penguin has wings but cannot fly. They are sea bird.)
Daughter: Wow! Penguins are eating fish!
Father: You are eating fish, too, huh?
Daughter: Yep!

Father: We are going to give some food to shark. Daddy will help you.
Daughter: Thank you, father.
Daughter: Wow! Fishes are swimming under the boat! That is shark. Huge!

Daughter: Exciting! Daddy!
(Female MC: Please, give some applause!
(MC: Stingray is stealing shark's food. Stingray is greedy!)

Father: This is the longest underwater tunnel in Korea.
Daughter: The shark is huge! Dad! Other fishes are running away!

Daughter: Colors are beautiful here in Aquarium, Daddy.
Father: One, two and three. Looks pretty!

Daughter: Daddy. Let's do this!
Daughter: Penguins are cute. Let's bring home one of them.
Daughter: Buy me that, too. I am not going home.
Father: Let's go home. Mom is waiting for us/
Daughter: Nooooooooo! I am not going home unless you buy me that.
Daddy: Please, let's to, little princess.
Daughter: : No!
Father: We are going.