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The morning of a newly married couple! The happiest time! Husband wakes her wife whispering in her ear and the wife opens her eyes with his love. She stretches her back facing bright window and prepares breakfast for her husband. Husband makes her a cup of morning coffee posing like barista making her feel this love. However, that is not the reality.

Wife: What? That was a dream? Where is he in this early morning? Watching TV? What the hell are you doing? Honey?
Husband: What's the problem? Honey?
Wife: We are newly married. You should make me a cup of coffee. But you are sleeping now. You don't love me anymore!
Husband: I should get more sleep. Weekend is for resting!
Wife: Get up, honey! Don't you remember your saying that you would never make me do house chores?
Husband: What are you talking about in this early morning? Women.....
Wife: You said that you would pick starts for me when we were dating!
Husband-Oh! This is not the usual repertory.
Wife: I am sad. Marriage is not the fairy tale. I knew it!
Husband: No! No! Honey! Let's go pick some starts then!
Wife: You really mean that?
Husband: Of course! The stars above are already in your eyes!
Wife: You! Liar!
Husband: Then, we can really go to pick stars
Wife: What?
Husband: I would pick you stars!!

Husband: We are almost there.
Wife: Where are we going? You should tell me!

Wife: I can see nothing.
Husband: No! Look at that! There is Kwangan Daekyo(bridge) over there!
Wife: You are kidding! Let me see. Wow! There really is!
I can see it clearly. Look! There is our house in the distance!

Wife: Wow! We can see all around Busan up here.
Husband: Kwangan Daekyo from here looks quite nice!
Husband: Wait a minute!
Wife: Where are you going again?

Husband: Psst!
Wife: What is that? Observatory? Wow! You made it! You are the best! Let's get there?

Husband: You were born in June and you are a gemini.

Wife: Wow! I never thought that there is an observatory in Busan! Can we observe stars?
Husband: Of course. Let's go over there!

Wife: What is this again?
Husband: Just follow me!

Wife: It looks so novel.
Husband: It is a telescope through which we can see stars in the sky.
Wife: How did you locate this place?

Wife: I can' see stars. Why?
Husband: One, two, three. Psst!

Wife: Look at that! The ceiling is open. I can see the real sky. You are the best among I got. I am sure that I am married to a decent guy! I love you honey!

Husband's narration: That was how I got my wife's love.