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Everybody is sleeping in this quiet night! Someone is screaming
Wife: Honey! Are you okay? Aren't you feeling well? What should I do? //Yes, right! Saliva is the cure-all! I should rather call mom.

(on the phone)
Hi mom. My husband is sick! What should I do? What? Donglae Oncheon? That may make it! Thank you mom!

Wife: Honey. You will be alright!
Wife: Honey. Walk fast!
Husband: No! I hate hot water!
Wife: You smell bad. You had better take a bath to be OK.
Husband: I hate the place hot and humid.
Wife: You had better go there. That place makes your skin good.
Wife: This is like raising a child.

(In front of counter)
Clerk: Here are your keys
Wife: Thank you! Honey. Let's meet each other a few minutes later. What a child!

Music is turned on.

Husband: Ouch! It's too hot. I hate hot water!
Wife: Stop talking and just get into the pool.
Husband: My darling!

Wife: Royal families took a bath here in the past.
Husband: Really?
Wife: The water in this spring is good for the neuralgia and skin.
Husband: It relieves my stress, too. I feel good.
Husband: I am feeling so good, ha-ha.
Wife: My stress are relieved.
Husband: My arm has been little bit better.
Wife: Wow! This water is really medication. How surprising!
Husband: Let's keep the fact secret! Shh!

Husband: My pain is going away. I am a man of wild!

Husband: I feel nice!
Wife: I really like Donglae Oncheon.

Wife: Honey! Let's come visit here again next week. Your skin looks good now like a baby skin. My skin is so soft!
Husband: This place is so good. The water made my skin better.
Wife: Hey! Do you remember what you said. You were reluctant to come here!

The husband has got another secret! He even like Donglae Oncheon more than his wife!