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Old lady: Today is the happiest day in your life. Give a smile. Here is Binyeo on your hair.

Old lady: You should keep your clothes neat. You should put on Samo(traditional hat) above your eyebrows. Everything has been done now!

Bride: We are really getting married! Honey!
Groom: I'm so excited!
Bride: Me, too. Let's live happily together. My heart is going to blast!
Groom: ...........
Bride: What are you thinking of? Are you thinking about something else on this big day?
Groom: Attention! This is my woman!
Bride: What a mischievous boy!
Groom: Do you remember the first day we met?

Man: Finally, I got here. Wow! Donglaehyangkyo looks wonderful! I can see that this is the place where students used to learn. Oh! Myeongryundang! No one is here! Eh?
Woman: Now let me show you how to take a big bow!
Man: Wow! What is the pretty woman doing? My ideal type! Man should put the left hand on the right hand? That is confusing! Oh! she is coming out!

Woman: It is scorching today!

Man: I should make some casual talks. Be natural! (Keep walking)
Woman: How do you do? This is Jeong Song-hui
Man: (Startled) Hi! This is Yu Ji-soo
Woman: When you take a bow, men should put the left hand on the right hand, and for women, vice versa.
Man: You have seen me. How embarrassing! The weather is so nice today!
Woman: Yes, it is. I am teaching traditional etiquettes here.
Man: Then, you should know Donglahyangkyo well. This is my first visit here. Give me some introduction about this place.
Woman: You mean now? Why not?

Woman: Myeongryudang was a lecture hall to teach Confusion theory from Koryeo Dynasty to Joseon Dynasty!
Man: I see
Woman: You should not forget what I said.
Man: Yes, I will remember that.
Woman and man: Ha ha ha ha(laughter)

Man: Today is hot, isn't it?
Woman: It really is!
Man: What is this place?
Woman: This is the place where confusion sages are honored.
Man: I feel like being in Joseon Dynasty here. I am the king and you are the queen.
Woman: What? Queen? You make me shy.
Man: You are adorable, haha
Waman: Hey! Jisu!
Man: Songhui!
Man: These flowers are pretty like you!
Woman; Like me?
Man: I'll make you something!
Woman: For me?
Woman: Wow! Flower ring! How pretty!
Man: I think I want to make you happy, Songhui!