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Man: You are going to be accepted this time. Cheer up! Kim Min-gyu!

Man: That's not bad. What's this? Dreams of flying in the sky. Let's make your dreams come true. Paragliding? Wow!

Man: What makes you so late?
Friend: (Gasping) Min-gyu! Why on earth you bring me to this wild field?
Man: We are flying in the sky today. Paragliding!
Friend: What? Paragliding? I hate that. I heard that we should shoulder heavy equipment and run as fast as we can. I hate too much difficult exercise.
Man: Do you think it is easy to fly in the sky in Busan? This is a good opportunity. Let's try, buddy! Come on!
Friend: I have a height phobia. No!!!. Just once?

Friend: Wow. I feel fresh.
Man: Wow! This place is so high. Look at the sky right above us!

Instructor: Let's shoulder one per one person.
Friend: This is easy, huh?
Man: This is light, ha-ha
Friend: Let's go, Min-gyu
Man: Yep! I am a strong man.

Friend: Are you following me?
Man: Don't worry, buddy. I already feel like flying in the sky, already.

Middle-aged man 1: Paragliding is so easy to operate that the aviation sport has the most largest community in the world.
Middle-aged man 2: You had better check out the safety gears first.

Man: I am nervous even before riding

Middle-aged man 1: You should wear harness which connects your body to the gliding equipment. Protect pad and helmet is a must!

Middle-aged man: Who is gonna be the first!
Man: I will be the first!

Middle-aged man: If you are ready, run as fast as you can. Never stop! Run!!!!!

Friend: That is not kidding, teacher. I can do it!
Middle-aged man: Run!!!!!!!!!!

Friend: Min-gyu. Do your best thinking that this is the last chance for you. You are brave man. Cheer up!
Man: I will make it happen!
Friend: Go for it! Min-gyu.

Man: uh! Calling! Kim Min-gyu has been accepted to our company. Thank God. I did it! Finally! I have to call Eol! Hey! Buddy! I got the job! No more unemployment. Thank all kinds of Gods!