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Man: Who is calling in this early morning?
Kim Eol? Hmm.
Man: No, I was awake. I am studying now. What's up? Going hiking? Ok! See you
there! So tired!

Friend: Do you remember this area? We were here during high school.
Man: I remember. We went up to Godang-bong(peak)
Friend: That is far from here.
Friend: Aren't you feeling refreshed here on the mountain?
Man: Well... I don't know. I should study and it is hot!
Friend: Hey! Have some time for taking a rest! How nice it is!
Man: Do you remember back then?

Friend: Godang-bong has turned out to be nothing. Our homeroom teacher intimidated us!
Have you tried Sanseong Makgeolli?
Man: Makgeolli? That's alcoholic beverage! You drink as a student?
Friend: Just grab some Makgeolli and Donglae Pajeon!
Man: No way! What if our homeroom teacher found the fact? We are high school students.
Friend: What a coward! I am not gonna drink with you.
Man: Then, just a cup of Makgeolli. Hey, Eol~~~~~

Friend: Finally, I am here with you.
Man: I heard that Makgeolli here was devoted to Kings in the past.
Friend: Let's get drunk.
Man: Of course, Ha-ha
Friend: This place has 70 years of history.
Man: Oh! I see.
Man: I am really excited to have Sanseong Makgeolli and Donglae Pajeon. It must be yummy.

waitress: Here it is, your Donglae Pajeon. It has green onion, various sea food, beef and eggs in it and tastes fresh and yummy.
Man: Get a glass of Makgeolli.
Friend: Now, You keep the promise after 10 years. Great to see you buddy!
Man: Great to see you, too, buddy. It tastes fabulous!
Friend: Wow! Tastes fantastic!
Man: We are finally eating Donglae Pajeon. Yeh!
Friend: Yeh!

After 30 minutes.

Man: It's hard to live. It's hard to be an unemployed and I like the taste of Makgeolli. Ha ha, Yummy! Bottoms up!!

After that, Donglae Pajeon and Sanseong Makgeolli reminds me of hangover!