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Mother: Get up! Do you know what time it is?
Man: You don't make me take a rest!

Man: What should I do today?How miserable! I just have one thousand won in my pocket.

Man: This is new one. SpoOne? Park? I should go there.

Man: I am tired of being unemployed. When can I end this kind of miserable life?
Friend: (on the phone) I am doing well. I am working nowadays. Developing my career is quite interesting.
Man: He is Kim Eol who was not better than me at studying at my high. What a shame! I should go hide.
Friend: (He found him during talking on the phone). Wait a minute. Hey, Min-gyu!
Man: Wow! Are you Kim Eol? How have you been?

Friend: It has been quite a while since we met each other.
Man: Well....
Friend: Do you have a company?
Man: I am just wandering around.
Friend: Nice to meet you again! Do you remember? This is the place which was developed during 2002 Busan Asian games.
Man: This is that? I have never heard of the name SpoOne
Friend: The name has changed. The image of this place has also changed to provide citizens a place to take a rest. Isn't it great?
Man: This place is cool. I have never thought that Busan has this kind of place.

Friend: There is bicycle racing track here in SpoOne. There is racing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. How about going there?
Man: That sounds great! Why not?
Friend: Let's go!

(Announcer: The race 3 has departed.)

Man: Wow! That looks thrilling!
Friend: Let's try betting. Horse number 5 is a favorite to win in the next race.)
Friend: Which number would you choose?
Man: I have no idea. I should just trust my six sense.

Friend: Here it is// thank you!
Man: How much money should I bet? I just got one thousand won.
Here it is// Thank you!

4. (Announcer: The race 4 begins)
Friend: Keep your fingers crossed!
Man: I am nervous.
Announcer: The race 4 has departed!
Man: Run! Go! Number 3 should win.
Friend: Wow! Min-kyu!!!!!!!
Man: Coming!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! Number 3 won!!
Friend: Congratulation! Buddy!

Friend: Min-kyu, let's ride this!
Man: That's on me! I won the money! It feels like having a picnic.
Friend: This is my first break for a long time.
Man: I wish everyday is like today.

Man: It was very nice to meet you! What's your number?
Friend: 010. 0000.0000. (and he is talking on the phone)
Friend; I am almost there. I gotta go now. I am in a hurry.
Man: Let's keep in contact to each other. Take care! I should get going for home.