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Man: Have you been busy? You haven't called me for a while.
Woman: I was just a little bit busy.

Man: Is she taking me wrong? What is she thinking?

Man: Have you seen Nakjo Fountain? That is the largest floor music fountain in the world!
Woman: It is one of the attractions in Busan tour. Shall we?

Man: This is the time for experiencing fountain.
Woman: Wow! It looks cool. Oh! It is cold!
Man: Water is splashing out.
Woman: Isn't it cool?
Man: Let's go inside, too.
Woman: Ah~~~~

Woman: Our clothes are getting wet. It's cold.
Man: Yes, it is. You might catch a cold. I will dry you.
Woman: Here and here/ You make me shy.
Man: You are so beautiful looking closely.

Man: Now, It has started.
Woman: How pretty it is! It is even more nice to see with you.
Woman: I have never seen such a beautiful fountain.

Woman: I want to remember this moment forever.

Woman: I am excited. Busan is such a beautiful city!
Man: A-reum, I want to tell you something. I want you to accept my heart!
Woman: Su-yong. This is so touching. Thank you!

Woman: Here I am, Busan. Busan's air is best. I will live in Busan for good!