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Man: Finally, the first date! How can I get her love? Mundane events will not be sufficient! She is even more beautiful today!
Woman: Have you waited long?
Man: No, I just got here. You are so beautiful today!
Woman: I have heard of that a lot!
Man: Let's go to date with me!
Woman: I can tell he is falling in love with me.
Then, where is he going? Wine and dine at a fancy restaurant? Maybe, we will go to take cruise ship on the sea and see fireworks on it!
I cannot wait it!
Oh! Where is he? Hang on there! Let's go together!

Woman: Where are we going?
Man: This is the place where we have a date today. One of the famous restaurant in Busan.
Woman: We go there?
Man: I came up with this place as you may not taste Milmyeon in Seoul. The Noodles are chewy and soup is very fresh. You will love it!
Woman: Oh! My God. I am hot in here!
Man: Have some, and you will like it!
Woman: Okay, then.

Man: Hello! Two cups of water, please.
Woman: What a romantic first date!
The owner: Here is Milmyeon. Help yourself!

Woman: Eh! Looks poor!
Man: You should put some vinegar and mustard into it.
Woman: Oh! I hate mustard. That's enough!
Man: That makes Milmyeon more tasty.
Woman: This is not what I expected when I bought this clothes at department store.
Man: Just grab some. Right now!
Woman: Okay! Okay! I am eating.
Wow! What is this? The noodle is so chewy. There are meats inside and the soup is so fresh! Oh! my god!
Man: I knew it! Ha ha. Girls!

(Imagination) When the string is cut off, ha-ha. Just an imagination!

Woman: How fresh the soup is!
Man: You are eating some.
Woman: It tastes so good.
One more Bibim milmyeon here!
Man: What a woman! It has proved that I am attractive guy, ha-ha.