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Man: I am waiting for her. I am happy.
Woman: Are you here to pick me up?
Man: Nice weather, A-reum!
Woman: It really is! Where are we going?
Man: I am not gonna tell you!
Woman: Again? Anyway, run fast!

-Man: Here we are.
-Woman: What is this place? Nice air!
-Man: Have you heard of Toam Pottery Park? This is the place which was established by Toam Seo Ta-won. It has lots of attractions.
-Woman: Do you like arts?
-Man: Just a little, ha-ha.

Woman: Beautiful scenery, huh?
Man: Yes. He is the one who made this place. He created the Tou with no ear and lots of holes on its head.
Woman: Why did he do that?
Man: Not to listen to and not to think
Woman: Where did you learn that?
Man: Just a common sense! Ha-ha!
Woman: You are smart.
Man: Not a big deal! Ha-ha.

Woman: Tou looks like singing . They are cute.
Man: I envy the Tou. They are relaxing and singing without complex thinking.
Woman: So do I.

Woman: Where are we going, again?
Man: Just follow me.
Woman: This is cute, too.
Man: You, too. A-reum

Woman: I have never done this before.
Man: Doesn't it look interesting?
Woman: I always wanted to make pottery.
Man: You should make it gradually and carefully. Woman: I am not doing well.
Man: While spinning this, make it round. Good job!

Man: I have the talent of artist, ha-ha.
Woman: You are doing almost everything well.
Man: Do you want to try?
Woman: Oh! It's hard.
Man: Touch like this!
Woman: Like this?
Man: You are doing fine/ Touch the inside like this.
Woman: Wow! It is incredible.

Man: Psst! Doesn't it look like a cup?
Woman: We have made this together. Exciting.

Man: Put it into the oven to bake it, and then dry it.

Man: It looks nice.

Woman: I really like it. Let me keep this.
Woman: Wow! It looks yummy!
Man: Korean traditional course is great here. Taste of nature and art mixed together!
Woman: I want to try. Looks yummy! Ha-ha.
Man: Isn't it tasty? You are beautiful even while you are eating. Try this, too.
Woman: Open you mouth. Hmm.
Woman: I really enjoyed today. Thank you!